Insurance & Billing

Copays and Deductibles

The center requires payment of your deductible, copays and coinsurance before or on the day of your surgery. Please call our office prior to your surgery date if payment arrangements are necessary.

Prior to your surgery, you may request to receive a reasonable estimate of charges. The estimate is based upon your current insurance benefits. Post-surgery, upon request, you may request an itemized bill of charges.

About Your Bill

Florida Springs Surgery Center (FSSC) will make every effort to keep this process as simple as possible. Your surgical procedure will generate several different bills from different sources:

  • FSSC’s bill covers the use of the facility and the necessary supplies used during your surgical procedure.

  • You will receive separate bills from your surgeon and anesthesiologist.

  • Other billable services that may be used during your surgery are laboratory and/or pathology charges, radiology and some specialty items.

Our facility works with your doctor’s office to make sure we have accurate insurance information. We will contact your insurance carrier if there is any question about our eligibility. If it is determined that you are responsible for the bill in its entirely or just a portion, we will call you before your date of surgery to make payment arrangements. We accept personal checks, Visa, MasterCard and CareCredit. Please contact our Billing Office at 352-936-0082 with any billing questions.

Thank you for choosing Florida Springs Surgery Center.

Service bundle information is a non-personalized estimate of cost that may be incurred by the patient for anticipated services. Actual costs will be based on services actually provided to the patient. It is your right to request a personalized estimate from the center. Please reach out directly to the center on our policies on financial assistance, charity care, and collections procedures.

Please contact health care practitioners anticipated to provide services to the patient while in the center regarding a personalized estimate, billing practices and participation with patient’s insurance provider or health maintenance organization (HMO) as the practitioners may not participate with the same health insurers or HMO as the center.